The Solus Project

For Sjoerd “Hourences” de Jong and his game The Solus Project, I was brought on board to retrofit an existing, nearly complete game design with a clear and meaningful narrative. With less than a year until release, the team didn’t have any substantial story content or narrative design.

For TSP, I:

  • worked out a narrative structure for the game
  • conceptualised a rich sci-fi universe which could envelop The Solus Project, its spiritual prequel The Ball, and any future sequels
  • wrote over 60 pages of script content for three characters
  • helped recruit voice actors, directed them, and ensured their content was high quality
  • drastically edited over 40 pages of side texts
  • helped with narrative design – how the protagonist would talk, when, and how the player would discover the story in the game design

Testimonial: Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong – Director, Teotl Studios (The Solus Project)

Alex was awesome to work with during the production of The Solus Project. He was a big help with detailing out the story and voice acting, along with press and community assistance. His reliability, consistency, and communication skills were top notch and he was a pleasure to work with. I can definitely recommend him.

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