60 Parsecs!

I joined the Robot Gentleman team in June 2018, generating darkly humorous content and expanding the scope of their comedy sci-fi adventure 60 Parsecs!, follow-up to the wildly successful 60 Seconds!.

My work on 60 Parsecs! included:

  • writing over 50 “short stories” in their two-step ‘choose your own adventure’ format, drawing on inspirations like Rick and Morty, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and many other legendary sources
  • designing an entire alien planet that players can explore, including its history, flora, fauna and visual style
  • developing two large late-game quests (including branching narratives, varying goals and recurring characters) that resulted in a ‘win’ or ‘fail’ for the entire game
  • working with the art team to ensure the planet and its inhabitants were as rich and interesting as possible
  • adhering to a darkly humorous style and a strong narrative voice
  • making players laugh (judging by Steam user reviews and famous streamers’ Let’s Plays, successfully!)


Testimonials from Robot Gentleman:

Berenika Gotujuch – Lead Writer, Robot Gentleman (60 Parsecs!)

It’s clear Alex cares about the quality of his work and he wants to see the projects he’s part of succeed. He is very pleasant to work with, reliable and understanding, and always stays professional. He works fast and consistently delivers writing of very good quality that is engaging, original and manages to not only stay consistent with the preexisting lore, but also enrich it.”


Radek Smektala – Lead Game Designer, Robot Gentleman (60 Parsecs!)

“Alex is a skilled and disciplined writer who has a firm grip on the intricacies of game development. He always delivered his work on time and at high quality, expertly adapting to the narrative style and tone of the project. In addition, Alex is friendly, highly communicative and open-minded, all of which makes him a perfect partner for any creative endeavor.”